Senior Technical Editor

As Senior Technical Editor, I review automotive press releases and specifications. A degree in Mechanical Engineering helps me separate the facts from the fluff. I also interpret automotive technical data, and read "between the lines" to determine what the specifications really mean. Due to my strong interest in photography, I provide a significant percentage of the original automotive images for the publication.

I've been a car enthusiast almost as long as I could talk. I used to name cars passing in the street when I was less than 3 years old. I got my first copy of Road & Track magazine in 5th grade, and eagerly anticipated each monthly issue. My friends and relatives often ask my opinion about cars & trucks, because they know I'll give an honest summary of what I think, based on the specifications and other available data. Many enthusiasts get obsessed with a particular brand or model, and lose sight of the weaknesses inherent to any car or manufacturer. I find it far more useful to let the facts speak for themselves. That's not to say that subjective characteristics are irrelevant. Some cars have steering that feels just "right". Others have the perfect exhaust rumble that suggests barely restrained power. These characteristics separate memorable automobiles from the forgettable.

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