What is Velocity Journal
The definition of journal refers to a record of observations and experiences. In our case, our goal is to create the ultimate automotive research tool by collecting one detail at a time. We want to do it all, but our priorities favor current and upcoming models. Our content favors engineering oriented information, specifications and photography.

The Cars

Why is there no information on Model X (or any other car)?
The content on our site follows the interests of our readers. New information is constantly being added to our databases. Maybe a model only contains a single fact or picture today, but tomorrow that content may be updated to be more comprehensive. For example, our buyers guide is continually updated with new product information. Contrast this to some other information sources that are complete, but not changed after they have gone to print.
I found a problem with the data on your site
We make every attempt to be perfect, but... Please fill out a support note and let us know the nature of the problem and we will be happy to address it with a future update.
Where can I find a 1966 Cadillac (or any other car)?
We have no inventory of cars, nor do we own any of the cars that appear on the site. Often times we have taken pictures of a car at a show or event and we have very little information above and beyond what we publish. As much as we would like to know exactly where an example of every car can be found...
Who makes the wheels (or any other part) for the Mitsubishi Eclipse (or any other car)?
New cars contain thousands of parts from hundreds of suppliers. Detailed product information at this level is not something that is readily available. Despite our attempts to know everything, this is not information that we have at hand. We suggest trying to contact your local dealer for the part numbers and availability, the PR people at the manufacturer, or possibly look for enthusiast web sites dedicated to the marque. Of course when you find out the information, drop us a note and we'll add it to the site and then it will be there for the next guy who wants to know.
Is this car for sale? / Do you sell cars
We have no inventory of cars, nor do we own any of the cars that appear on the site. We have business relationships with companies that do this kind of thing, but the extent of our involvement ends with the hyperlinks in our content.

The Pictures

There are two types of pictures displayed: Original and Official. 

Can I add this picture to my private collection of car pictures?
Of course. That's what they are there for.
Can I use this official picture...
Those photos are used on Velocity Automotive Journal for editorial purposes.  We do not retain the rights to those pictures.
Can I use this original picture for my school project
Absolutely. Any picture that is marked as Original can be used for a school project. Please cite our site as a reference. If possible mail us a copy of the project so that we can feel good about the work we've done.
Can I use this original picture for my personal (non-profit) web site?
If the photo is to be used for a non-profit or hobby web site, you have our permission to use the photo provided:
1) you give us credit for the photo
2) you send us a link to the page where the photo is published.
3) you add a link to our site next to the picture
Can I use this original picture for anything else?
Certainly. Please contact us for licensing terms