Toyota to Unveil New Model "Granace" in Japan



Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces plans to release its new model "Granace"*1 in 2019, through Toyota vehicle dealers nationwide.

Prior to its rollout, the new Granace will be unveiled at the Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. (Toyota Auto Body) booth at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019. With "OPEN FUTURE" as its theme, this year's Tokyo Motor Show will be held from October 24 through November 4 at Tokyo Big Sight*2.

New model Granace (Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Toyota Auto Body booth display model)

New model Granace (Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Toyota Auto Body booth display model)

A full-size wagon*3, the new Granace commands outstanding presence, making full use of the broad 5.3 meters in length*4 and 1.97 meters*4 in width as a high-quality and comfortable interior space. Adopting a semi-bonnet*5 package, two types of seating arrangements are available: the six-seater with seats in three rows of two, and the eight-seater with seats in four rows of two. The Granace features high-quality performance, delivering sophisticated riding comfort, superior control stability, and a spacious interior.

*1 The model's name is taken from the word "gran," which means "big or great" in Spanish, and "ace," which means "top or excellent person" in English.

*2 The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 24 through November 4, with press days on October 23 and 24, a special invitation day on October 24, and general public days from October 25 through November 4.

*3 Full-size body with a total length of 5 meters or more

*4 Based on Toyota measurements

*5 Vehicle design in which the driver's seat is positioned at the rear end of the powertrain, resulting in a very short bonnet

New model Granace (Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Toyota Auto Body booth display model)

New model Granace (Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Toyota Auto Body booth display model)

Main features

Exterior style that realizes "overwhelming presence and luxury"

The large radiator grille embellished with metallic accents flows seamlessly into the headlamps, which project in vertical and horizontal directions, realizing a gorgeous and bold face. The distinctive LED daytime running lamps*6 pierce the headlamps, and together with the projective twin-lens LED headlamps that flow into the decorative chrome frame, express sophistication suitable for luxury cars.

"High quality" and "gorgeous" cockpit space

The black-infused instrument panel creates a luxurious atmosphere, featuring metallic accents on the air-conditioner outlets and wood-grain embellishment in front of the front passenger seat. The meter hood is wrapped in leather and genuine stitching further lends an air of quality.

High-quality space with hospitality in mind leverages spaciousness

In addition to the three-row six-seater, a four-row eight-seater is also available to meet the wide ranging needs of users.

The four seats comprising the second and third rows feature leather captain seats designed for complete relaxation provide a high-quality interior space. In addition to comfortable seating, the new model is equipped with a long slide mechanism and an ottoman mechanism in and other amenities that enhance convenience and comfort.

Wood grain decorations flow from the back of the front seats toward the side trim as if to wrap rear seat passengers in comfort. The LED side color illumination is gently lit, further expressing an elegant and calm quality.

Rendering of four rows of seats, eight passengers

Rendering of four rows of seats, eight passengers

Sophisticated high-quality performance

Adopted front-wheel drive layout. Equipped with a 1GD 2.8-liter clean diesel engine and a six-speed automatic transmission, achieving smooth and torque-strong driving from low speeds.

The newly developed trailing-link rigid-axle suspension is used for the rear suspension. The high rigidity body, including the adoption of a ring-shaped frame, achieves a luxurious, comfortable ride with stable handling.

Thorough vibration and sound insulation measures provide a serene quietness suitable for luxury wagons in various road environments.

Enhanced advanced equipment

Comes standard with the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense, featuring improved sensing functions that make use of the pre-collision safety system that detects pedestrians during the day and at night, as well as cyclists during the day.

Fully equipped with safety equipment for safety and peace of mind such as Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Parking Support Brakes (Stationary Objects) that helps reduce and/or mitigate damage from collisions during low-speed driving in parking lots, etc.

Equipped with advanced Display Audio (DA). The smartphone linkage function*7 including SDL*8 allows customers to connect with smartphones and operate map applications and music via touch screen display.


Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) A light that is placed on the front of the car and lit in the daytime.

*7 Separate contract required for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC.


SDL Smart Device LinkTM is a trademark of Smart Device Link Consortium. Open source for connecting smartphone apps and cars.

Main Specifications

Length / width / height (mm) 5,300 / 1,970 / 1,990 (Internal Measures)

Wheelbase (mm) 3,210 (Internal Measures)

Tread Front / rear (mm) 1,670 / 1,670 (Internal Measures)

Interior length / Interior width / Interior height (mm) 3,290*9 / 1,735 / 1,290 (Internal Measures)

Engine Model 1GD (Clean Diesel)

Displacement (cc) 2,754