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Our Journal is a extensive record of information we've collected on cars. While not everything is complete, this is the best place to start if you are looking for information on a specific topic. If you are interested in buying a car or seeing our analysis of the new car market, you will find the information in our Buyer's Guide more detailed and appropriate.

A Abarth - Avions Voisin

B Baker - Byton

C Cadillac - Cunningham

D Dacia - Duryea

E E-M-F - Excalibur

F Facel - Fuore Design

G GAC Motor - Gumpert

H Havers - Hyundai

I Icona - ItalDesign

J Jackson - Jordan

K Kaiser - Kurtis

L Lada - Lucid

M Magna Steyr - Muntz

N nanoFlowcell - NSU

O Oakland - Overland

P Packard - Pungs-Finch

Q Qoros - Quadro Vehicles

R Railton - Ruxton

S Saab - Suzuki

T Talbot - TVR

U Unique Performance

V Valiant - Vuhl

W Wallyscar - Winton

Y Yes - Yugo

Z Zagato - Zenvo