New or Significantly Altered Models

1997 Honda CR-V
Honda will offer an all-new Honda-designed SUV vehicle next year. Based on a civic platform the CR-V is aimed at first time SUV buyers. Details on the CR-V are forthcoming.
1997 Honda Prelude
The fifth-generation Prelude is significantly new for 1997. Two models are available: Prelude and Prelude Type SH. Both models share features like a revised body style, a larger, updated interior design, a 195 hp DOHC VTEC 4-cylinder engine, standard alloy wheels, and a standard power sunroof. Type SH Preludes add a handling improvement called ATTS or Active Torque Transfer System and a rear spoiler.

Mostly Unchanged

1997 Honda Accord
1997 Honda Accord coupe
1997 Honda Accord wagon
1997 Honda Civic
1997 Honda Civic 3d
1997 Honda Civic coupe
1997 Honda Civic del Sol
1997 Honda Odyssey
1997 Honda Passport