2005 Audi A8

At a Glance

Pricing $66,590
Drive Types AWD
Engines 4.2l V8
Transmissions A6

The A8 is part of the top model range in Audi's lineup. A 4.2L V-8 coupled to a 6-speed automatic and quattro AWD is the only powertrain on the A8. 19-inch wheels shod with all-season or performance tires are available. The standard A8 has a 5.2 in. shorter wheelbase than the A8L, which should provide more nimble handling from this aluminum-bodied car. The A8 upholds Audi's reputation for gorgeous interior design and superb materials. Compared to its BMW and Mercedes competition, the A8 interior ambiance is undeniably more luxurious. Understated exterior styling ensures that the A8 will age gracefully.

What Changed:

Short wheelbase version of the A8 returns to the US market.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
A8 4.2l V8 (335-bhp) A6 AWD $66,590