2006 Infiniti M

At a Glance

Pricing $40,840 - $47,150
Drive Types RWD, AWD
Engines 3.5l V6, 4.2l V8
Transmissions A5
Fuel Economy 17-18 (city), 23-25 (highway)

With its powerful V8 and nondescript styling, the previous M45 was a sleeper. Unfortunately, the styling was a little too drab for American tastes. The new M should easily avoid this problem. With its aggressive styling and a V6 model, the M broadens its appeal. The second generation M rides on a longer and updated version of the RWD FM platform from the G35 and FX35/45. The range includes the 275hp M35, M35 Sport and M35 AWD V6 models and the 340hp M45 and M45 Sport V8 models. All are equipped with a five-speed automatic and stability control. The M features many common luxury touches but also offers rare optional features like a backup camera and a lane-departure system. Sport models feature a motor-actuated active steering system that changes the rear suspension geometry to augment handling. Infiniti's M is well-styled, well-powered and well-equipped to do battle in a robust market segment.

What Changed:

All-new M based on an updated version of the FM platform that underpins the G35 and FX35/45. Engine choices include a 275hp V6 in the M35 and a 340hp V8 in the M45. The M35 is offered with AWD. Both the M35 Sport and M45 Sport models feature an active rear steering system.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
M35 3.5l V6 (280-bhp) A5 RWD $40,840
M35x 3.5l V6 (280-bhp) A5 AWD $43,340
M45 4.2l V8 (335-bhp) A5 RWD $47,150