2006 Chrysler Crossfire

At a Glance

Pricing $34,735 - $35,810
Drive Types RWD
Engines 3.2l V6
Transmissions A5, M6
Fuel Economy 15-19 (city), 23-25 (highway)

The Crossfire production model is a reasonable faithful adaptation of the sharply styled 2002 Chrysler concept. However, the Crossfire is a virtual rarity on the road. Based on mechanical bits from the previous generation Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster, the base Crossfire is offered with a 215hp, 3.2L V6 and a six-speed manual starting at $30,000. The supercharged SRT-6 version ups the horsepower to 330 but adds about $15,000 to the base price. Another drawback to the SRT-6 is that it is only offered with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The Crossfire is pleasing to the eye, but faces stiff competition from similarly priced models like the Infiniti G35 and Nissan 350Z.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
Crossfire Limited 3.2l V6 (215-bhp) M6 RWD $34,735
Crossfire Limited 3.2l V6 (215-bhp) A5 RWD $35,810