2012 Toyota Prius c

At a Glance

Pricing $18,950 - $23,230
Drive Types FWD
Engines 1.5l I4 HEV
Transmissions CVT
Fuel Economy 53 (city), 46 (highway)

Toyota has grown the successful Prius hybrid into a family of vehicles. The new Prius C extends Toyota's proven hybrid technology into a smaller, lighter and more affordable vehicle. The smaller size and weight pays dividends in fuel efficiency. Although the Prius C is slightly larger than the Yaris 5d, its EPA rating of 53 City / 46 Hwy clearly exceeds that of the Yaris (30 City / 38 Hwy). The Prius C is a traditional 5d hatchback with a tall rear roofline (the Prius has a steeply raked fastback). The rear seat folds for hauling bulky items.

What Changed:

The all-new Prius C is a more compact dedicated hybrid model sized between the Yaris and the Prius. The Prius C pairs a 1.5l four-cylinder with an electric motor to improve fuel efficiency.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
Prius c One 1.5l I4 HEV (99-bhp) CVT FWD $18,950
Prius c Two 1.5l I4 HEV (99-bhp) CVT FWD $19,900
Prius c Three 1.5l I4 HEV (99-bhp) CVT FWD $21,635
Prius c Four 1.5l I4 HEV (99-bhp) CVT FWD $23,230