2014 Hyundai Equus

At a Glance

Pricing $61,500 - $68,750
Drive Types RWD
Engines 5.0l V8
Transmissions A8
Fuel Economy 15 (city), 23 (highway)

Hyundai has a sedan to compete in just about every category, and their aspirations don't stop with the Genesis sedan. The high-end Equus sedan takes the idea of the Genesis one step further filling a premium rear wheel drive chassis with the high-end amenities found in flagship German luxury sedans. Compared to the Genesis, the Equus is about 6 inches longer but only adds about an inch of legroom. The Equus is offered in two models: Signature and Ultimate. Both models equip the 5.0l V8 and eight-speed automatic found in the Genesis R-Spec. The Signature model is for five-passengers, whereas the Equus Ultimate model has a specialized rear interior for only two passengers. Highlights of the Equus include power adjustable rear seats, a rear console refrigerator (Equus Ultimate) and an extraordinary Lexicon 7.1 audio system.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
Equus Signature 5.0l V8 (429-bhp) A8 RWD $61,500
Equus Ultimate 5.0l V8 (429-bhp) A8 RWD $68,750