2017 Porsche Panamera

At a Glance

Pricing $99,900 - $146,900
Drive Types AWD
Engines 2.9l V6 T, 4.0l V8 T
Transmissions A8
Fuel Economy 18-21 (city), 25-28 (highway)

Official Word:

The new 2017 Porsche Panamera reconciles two contrasting characteristics more than ever before: the performance of a genuine sports car and the comfort of a luxury sedan. It is a grand touring automobile that has been rethought and realigned. The second generation of the Panamera is advancing to become a performance icon in the luxury class. Porsche has systematically improved the Panamera concept - with a four-door sedan that has been redeveloped and reengineered down to...Read.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
Panamera 4S 2.9l V6 T (440-bhp) A8 AWD $99,900
Panamera Turbo 4.0l V8 T (550-bhp) A8 AWD $146,900