Synonymous with Italian sports cars since the late 1940s, Ferrari melds stunning styling and a racing pedigree unmatched by any other manufacturer. Among the first to adapt Formula 1 technology to its production vehicles, Ferrari maintains its leadership with an extensive racing program. Ferrari's striking 458 Italia and impressive F12 Berlinetta are among the most sophisticated sports cars on the planet.

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Fuel Economy

Fuel economy has long been a key decision factor when buying a new vehicle. While the EPA estimates may not accurately predict your mileage with a given vehicle, they are useful for broad comparisons of vehicles. Note that many trucks and large SUVS are too heavy to be required to specify their fuel economy.

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Model EPA City EPA Highway
Ferrari California 16 23
Ferrari 458 Spider 13 17
Ferrari 458 13 17
Ferrari FF 11 17
Ferrari F12berlinetta 11 16

Note: Bar graphs denote the composite fuel economy for the model. "*" indicates models with incomplete data.