The Honda Motor Company is a worldwide manufacturer of motorcycles, automobiles and small engines. Honda entered the US market in 1959 with small motorcycles and in 1969 with small cars. Honda began manufacturing cars in the US in 1982 and most of its top-selling vehicles are made in the US. Honda's solid reputation for quality, high resale values, and fuel efficiency has earned the trust of buyers in just about every key segment in the industry.

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For many, the way a car performs is a key criterion for which car to purchase. Our Velocity Index helps determine which vehicles are the best all-around performers taking in to consideration a balance of factors such as acceleration and handling. A higher number is better.

Model Velocity Index
Honda Accord Coupe 56-67
Honda Accord 52-64
Honda Civic sedan * 53-62
Honda Civic coupe * 53-62
Honda Civic Hatchback * 52-59
Honda CR-V 52-59
Honda Pilot 51-56
Honda Ridgeline 44-51
Honda HR-V 42-48
Honda Odyssey 42-46
Honda Fit 36-44

Note: Bar graphs denote the composite performance for the model. "*" indicates models with incomplete data.

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