Infiniti is the upscale division Nissan launched in 1989 in response to Toyota's Lexus and Honda's Acura brands. Infiniti took the bold step of renaming their entire product line for the 2014 model year. Car lines like the G and M became Q50 (G sedan), Q60 (G coupe) and Q70. SUVs and crossovers like the JX, FX, and QX56 became the QX60 and QX70, and QX80.

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2017 Infiniti Q60

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2017 Infiniti Q70

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2017 Infiniti QX50

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2017 Infiniti QX60

The QX60 (formerly JX) is Infiniti's answer to the popular Acura MDX. The QX60 is about 5 inches longer than an Acura MDX, and offers more interior legroom than almost all three-row crossovers and short-wheelbase full-sized SUVS. A standard V6 engine, CVT transmission and front-wheel-drive promise respectable fuel economy for this size of vehicle. For more traction the QX60 is also offered with all-wheel-drive. The QX60 starts at around $41,000 which includes typical luxury features like heated leather seating and HID headlamps.

2017 Infiniti QX70

What SUV looks like no other, doesn't go off-road, and wants to be a sport car? The Infiniti QX70. Powered by a 325-bhp 3.7L V-6, rapid acceleration is assured. A 7-speed automatic is standard. The QX70 3.7 is offered in RWD or AWD. Infiniti packed the QX70 with a wide array of technology: Intelligent Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning/Lane Departure Prevention, Intelligent Cruise Control, Distance Control Assist, and Around View Monitor. The optional Sport Package adds Continuous Damping Control, Rear-Active Steer and 21-inch alloy wheels.

2017 Infiniti QX80

In the tradition established by General Motors and Ford, the first generation QX56 was sibling of the Nissan Armada with more luxurious appointments and a higher price tag. The second generation model now named QX80 has shed its ties to the Nissan Armada and Titan becoming a unique vehicle that Infiniti imports to the US market. With a bold, angular front fascia and curved roofline, the QX80 certainly stands out from the pack. A 400-bhp 5.6L V-8 provides enough grunt for towing up to 8500 lbs. Both 2WD and 4WD models are available. The QX80 has the size, power, technology and luxury to compete with the Cadillac Escalade, while undercutting its price by thousands.

2018 Infiniti Q50

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2018 Infiniti QX30

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