The Jeep brand hangs its reputation on its off-road prowess. With a history that dates back to WW2, Jeep arguably originated the modern SUV. The popular Wrangler has a hard-core fan base that adores its rugged simplicity. Jeep's other SUVs include the compacts like the Compass and Patriot, the Cherokee, and the Grand Cherokee.

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For many, the way a car performs is a key criterion for which car to purchase. Our Velocity Index helps determine which vehicles are the best all-around performers taking in to consideration a balance of factors such as acceleration and handling. A higher number is better.

Model Velocity Index
Jeep Grand Cherokee 44-57
Jeep Cherokee 36-49
Jeep Renegade 45-48
Jeep Compass * 40-47
Jeep Patriot * 41-46
Jeep Wrangler 27-35
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 27-31

Note: Bar graphs denote the composite performance for the model. "*" indicates models with incomplete data.

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