Subaru may be one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, despite a loyal customer base. Subaru has an entire line of high-quality fuel-efficient vehicles, and virtually every model includes AWD as standard equipment. The Impreza is the most affordable AWD sedan available, while the new BRZ sports car and the WRX allow Subaru to attract driving enthusiasts.

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For many, the way a car performs is a key criterion for which car to purchase. Our Velocity Index helps determine which vehicles are the best all-around performers taking in to consideration a balance of factors such as acceleration and handling. A higher number is better.

Model Velocity Index
Subaru BRZ 72-76
Subaru WRX 69-75
Subaru Legacy 60-69
Subaru Forester 59-64
Subaru Impreza sedan 55-62
Subaru Impreza 5d 54-61
Subaru Outback 46-61
Subaru Crosstrek 51-53

Note: Bar graphs denote the composite performance for the model. "*" indicates models with incomplete data.

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