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2006 BMW 3-Series Sedan

At a Glance

Pricing $30,900 - $39,775
Drive Types RWD, AWD
Engines 3.0l I6
Transmissions A6, M6
Fuel Economy 19-21 (city), 18-30 (highway)

The 3-Series has long been the standard bearer in what may be the most competent segment in the industry. The 3-Series offers an impressive combination of styling, performance, and luxury features for a German luxury sedan priced from $31,000. The fifth-generation 3-series has grown significantly in length and width yet retains the agility and balance that it is known for. Although the 325 and 330 models are powered by the same the inline six-cylinder engine, the 330 is rated at 255hp to the 215hp of the 325. Initially offered in rear-wheel-drive only, all-wheel-drive models will join the lineup in 2006. As much as the 3-Series has improved, competitive new models like the Infiniti G35 and Lexus IS, and revamped Audi A4 deserve a hard look as well.

Model/Trim/Package Engine MPG VjI Base Price
325i 3.0l I6 (215-bhp) M6 RWD 20/30/24 $30,900
325i 3.0l I6 (215-bhp) A6 RWD 21/29/25 $32,175
330i 3.0l I6 (255-bhp) M6 RWD 20/30/24 $36,600
330i 3.0l I6 (255-bhp) A6 RWD 21/29/25 $37,875
325xi 3.0l I6 (215-bhp) M6 AWD 19/18/19 $32,800
325xi 3.0l I6 (215-bhp) A6 AWD 20/27/23 $34,075
330xi 3.0l I6 (255-bhp) M6 AWD 19/28/23 $38,500
330xi 3.0l I6 (255-bhp) A6 AWD 20/27/23 $39,775