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2006 Cadillac STS -V

At a Glance

Pricing $41,020 - $76,370
Drive Types RWD, AWD
Engines 3.6l V6 S, 4.4l V8 S, 4.6l V8 S
Transmissions A5, A6
Fuel Economy 14-18 (city), 20-27 (highway)

The Cadillac STS switches to the rear-drive Sigma platform that serves as a basis for the CTS and SRX vehicles. STS's aspirations of becoming a world-class vehicle are backed up by a healthy list of electronics such as 5.1 surrround sound, DVD navigation, active cruise control and stability control. The base STS is offered with a either a V6 or Northstar V8 coupled to a 5-speed automatic. The STS-V performance model features a supercharged 4.4L Northstar rated at 469 hp. Standard V6 and V8 models are offered in RWD and AWD configurations. Starting in the 40s, the STS can get pricey with some V8 models topping $60k.

What Changed:

New 469 hp STS-V model promises 0-60 times under 5 seconds. A six-speed automatic and beefy 255/45R18 (275/40R19 rear) Pirelli tires help transfer the power to the road. All-wheel drive is now available on the V6 models.

Model/Trim/Package Engine MPG VjI Base Price
STS-V 4.4l V8 S (469-bhp) A6 RWD 14/20/17 $76,370
STS 3.6l V6 S (254-bhp) A5 AWD 17/25/21 $45,560
STS 4.6l V8 S (320-bhp) A5 RWD 16/26/20 $47,520
STS 4.6l V8 S (320-bhp) A5 AWD 16/23/19 $61,280
STS 3.6l V6 S (254-bhp) A5 RWD 18/27/22 $41,020