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2005 Cadillac Escalade EXT

At a Glance

Pricing $53,360
Drive Types AWD
Engines 6.0l V8
Transmissions A4
Fuel Economy 13 (city), 17 (highway)

Cadillac's resurgance has gone in two directions. On one hand you have models that are competitive with the European imports. In the other direction you have the Escalade SUVs. By placing edgy styling on GMs large SUVS, the Escalade has become a status symbol through excess as Cadillacs have done throughout history. The EXT shares a fair amount of concept and componentry with the Cheverolet Avalanche. The standout feature of the EXT is an adjustable mid-gate that allows the smallish bed to be reconfigured by intruding in to the rear of the passenger cabin.

Model/Trim/Package Engine MPG VjI Base Price
Escalade EXT 6.0l V8 (345-bhp) A4 AWD 13/17/15 $53,360