2017 BMW 7-Series

At a Glance

Pricing $81,500 - $153,800
Drive Types RWD, AWD
Engines 2.0l I4 HEV T, 3.0l I6 T, 4.4l V8 T, 6.6l V12 T
Transmissions A8
Fuel Economy 13-21 (city), 20-29 (highway)

The 7-series continues its tradition as BMW's flagship luxury sedan. The wide range of powertrains in the 7-Series include the 740i/740Li powered by a 3.0l inline six-cylinder, the 750i/750Li powered by a V8, and the 760Li with its 6.0l V12. The range also includes a gas/electric hybrid model. Models with an L in the name designate long wheelbase models which add extra-back seat room. This large, heavy car is a technological tour-de-force. Like most BMW models, the 7-Series is offered with a large number of packages and customization options which allow buyers to tailor the 7-Series to their tastes. In the US, BMW also imports a tuned version of the 7-Series, manufactured by Alpina. Alpina models are built on the same assembly line as the normal production 7-Series models but include a more powerful 600-bhp 4.4l V8.

Model/Trim/Package Engine MPG VjI Base Price
7-Series 740i 3.0l I6 T (322-bhp) A8 RWD 21/29/25 70 $81,500
7-Series 740i xDrive 3.0l I6 T (322-bhp) A8 AWD 19/28/23 67 $84,500
7-Series 750i 4.4l V8 T (443-bhp) A8 RWD 17/26/21 72 $94,600
7-Series 750i xDrive 4.4l V8 T (443-bhp) A8 AWD 16/25/20 69 $97,600
7-Series 740e xDrive iPerformance 2.0l I4 HEV T (322-bhp) A8 AWD 63 $89,100
7-Series M760i xDrive 6.6l V12 T (601-bhp) A8 AWD 13/20/16 70 $153,800
7-Series Alpina B7 xDrive 4.4l V8 T (600-bhp) A8 AWD 16/24/20 73 $137,000