New or Significantly Altered Models

2006 BMW 3-Series Sedan
2006 BMW 3-Series Wagon
All-new 3-Series wagon is longer, wider and taller than the previous model. The only model available initially is the 325xi with the 215hp 3.0L inline six and all-wheel-drive. Both a 6-speed automatic and 6-speed manual transmissions are offered.
2006 BMW 5-Series Sport Wagon
All-new 5-Series Touring based on the updated 5-Series platform introduced in 2004. In the US, the wagon will be offered as the 530xi. This is the all-wheel drive model powered by a 258 hp inline 6.
2006 BMW M5
2006 BMW M6
2006 BMW Z4 Coupe

Updated Models

2006 BMW 5-Series
For 2006, the two inline-six cylinder engines offered in the 5-series have been updated. The new engines are lighter and significantly more powerful than their predecessors. The 2.5L is now rated at 218hp the 3.0L at 258hp. BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive system is offered on the 525xi and 530xi models.
2006 BMW 7-Series
750 is powered by a new 4.8L V8 engine producing 360 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque. Revised front and rear styling should silence criticism.

Mostly Unchanged

2006 BMW 3-Series Convertible
2006 BMW 3-Series Coupe
2006 BMW 6-series Convertible
The 2006 6-Series switches to a new 360 hp V8 and becomes the 650Ci.
2006 BMW 6-series Coupe
The 2006 6-Series switches to a new 360 hp V8 and becomes the 650Ci.
2006 BMW M3 Convertible
2006 BMW M3 Coupe
2006 BMW X3
2006 BMW X5
2006 BMW Z4 Roadster
The Z4 roadster adopts the N52 3.0L six from the new 3-Series. The Z4 3.0i produces 215hp, an increase of 31 hp over last years 2.5i. The 3.0si produces 255hp, a 30 hp increase. The M roadster returns with a 330hp, 3.2L six-cylinder under the hood. The M package also adds a recalibrated suspension, 18-inch wheels, and a new front fascia.